New image

Auto tag Source:

[newimage:20 truncate:1]

The newimage auto tag will pull up to the number specified recent images and display them in a flexible grid. The truncate option, if set to 1, will always keep a full row of images at the end, possibly truncating the number of images to ensure there are no incomplete rows.

MG slider

Auto tag Source:

[mgslider:1 kenburns:1 overlay:bottom]

The mgslider auto tag with images from the specified album and display in a slider.

We've added the kenburns:1 option to add some animation.

  • WPR-20160624-3021.jpg
  • WPR-20160604-2798.jpg
  • WPR-20160423-2069.jpg
  • WPR-20160423-1843.jpg
  • WPR-20160406-1672.jpg
  • WPR-20160217-1381.jpg
  • WPR-20151021-0919.jpg
  • WPR-20130513-4079.jpg
  • WPR-20120518-0056.jpg
  • WPR-20081106-3279.jpg
  • WPR-20081104-3208.jpg
  • WPR-20070831-8857.jpg
  • WPR-20050721-1738.jpg
  • WPR-20070609-8069.jpg
  • WPR-20050719-1621.jpg
  • WPR-20060728-3702.jpg
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