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One of the powerful features of glFusion is the ability to easily integrate all of you different types of content. This is accomplished by using auto tags. Auto tags allow you to do some really creative things.

For example, if we wanted to insert a video into our story and that video lives in the Media Gallery plugin - we simply use an auto tag to embed it:

The auto tag looks like this: [ video:20170129143407967 width:0 height:0 border:1 align:auto autoplay:0 ]. We told it what video, how big, and whether or not to start playing automatically. Since we are embedding this into a story, we simply selected the Media Gallery Browser button and let it do all the work for us, we didn't have to do anything other than select the video thumbnail and check a couple of boxes. How easy is that!

You can also integrate and embed other things too - for example, you can have slide shows, images, video, audio, other stories, forum posts, pages, wiki info, etc. You can also create your own auto tags using our custom auto tag interface.

You can also embed polls into stories or other things like forum posts. With emended polls, they can be voted on interactively, so the user never leaves the story or the post.

Poll Topic: Tell us your opinion about glFusion

Question: What is the best new feature of glFusion?

  •  Spam Protection
  •  Integrated Plugins
  •  UIKIT based themes
  •  Enhanced Security
  •  Other
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This is a great way to solicite feedback from your users on various topics or subject. Of course, once a user has voted, the results will be shown instead of the question.

We can do slide shows too, which is pretty cool. This allows you to embed all the images from a Media Gallery album into a story, page, forum post, or whatever you choose.

Speaking of where you can use auto tags, auto tags have a full permission system behind them. First, whatever content is being embedded has a specific permission. For example, you may have a Media Gallery album that only uses who have logged into your site can see. If you embed a slide show of that album into a story that everyone can see, those users who are not logged in, will not see the slide show. Second, you can configure where each auto tag is allowed to be used. For example, you may choose to not allow the video auto tag to be used in comments. It is up to you, glFusion has both the power and the flexibility to allow you to share and embed content and keep full control over who views it.

Auto tags can also provide a convenient way to link content together. For example, I might want to link the word auto tag to the demo Headlines page which shows off some of the power of auto tags. It is pretty simple, I'll enter [ staticpage:news-demo Headline Demo ] and it will create the link - it will look like this Headline Demo. In this case we used the staticpage auto tag, there are also auto tags available to embed the actual content, instead of providing a link.

Auto tags give you a ton of flexibility to integrate your content and create some very unique and powerful pages. Read more on auto tags at the glFusion Wiki.


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