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Welcome to the glFusion Demo Site.

glFusion CMS is a content management and publishing system. It can be utilized as a content management system, a content publishing system, a collaboration system, and even an application development framework. Regardless how you use it, glFusion CMS provides all the tools necessary to quickly create and maintain a content driven web site. glFusion CMS also provides a rich application development environment.

glFusion CMS is well organized and provides a very powerful system that is extremely easy to use. glFusion CMS powers everything from personal blogs, to high volume community discussion sites, and almost everything in between.

For more information on the glFusion CMS, please visit the glFusion Web Site.

Feel free to login and play around. The site resets every 60 minutes, so any changes will be removed during the reset. To login, you can register as a new user and see how that process works. Or, if you would like to see the administrative interface, login with:

Username: admin
Password: password

There are a few advanced administration features that are disabled in Demo Mode for security reasons.

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