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Welcome to the glFusion Demo Site.

glFusion CMS is a content management and publishing system. It can be utilized as a content management system, a content publishing system, a collaboration system, and even an application development framework. Regardless how you use it, glFusion CMS provides all the tools necessary to quickly create and maintain a content driven web site. glFusion CMS also provides a rich application development environment.

glFusion CMS is well organized and provides a very powerful system that is extremely easy to use. glFusion CMS powers everything from personal blogs, to high volume community discussion sites, and almost everything in between.

For more information on the glFusion CMS, please visit the glFusion Web Site.

Feel free to login and play around. The site resets every 60 minutes, so any changes will be removed during the reset. To login, you can register as a new user and see how that process works. Or, if you would like to see the administrative interface, login with:

Username: admin
Password: password

There are a few advanced administration features that are disabled in Demo Mode for security reasons.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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    glFusion CMS :: glFusion DOT org

What Can You Do with glFusion?

glFusion gives you the ability to quickly and easily setup a web site complete with extras like forums, CAPTCHA support, calendaring, and full file and media gallery management solutions.  Check out the Quick Start Guide for more information. Features of your glFusion site include:

  • Integrated Menu Builder - Allowing you to change the site menu using an online editor.
  • Direct integration of the CKeditor WYSIWYG editor with your theme's styles.  See exactly how your story will look as you type it.
  • Pre-installed plugins, bringing additional functionality and enhanced security:
    • Bad Behavior2 - A great tool that blocks bot attacks, spam bots, and other nasties from the Internet.
    • CAPTCHA - Ensures that humans are the only ones entering content on your site.
    • Forum - A community collaboration and discussion tool.
    • FileMgmt - A complete File Manager for your site.
    • Media Gallery - A complete multi-media manager.
  • glFusion gives you a true XHTML compliant site with a pure CSS driven layout.  The design is SEO optomized (search engine friendly) and is also more accessible by screen readers and other assistance tools used by the visually impaired.
  • Better documentation - the glFusion community has published a full users guide to glFusion - Check out the online wiki at

Welcome to your new site, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we did assembling the software to drive it!

The glFusion Team

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Fighting BOTs and spammers

Over the past several months, we've all seen the BOT traffic increase on our websites. Many of us saw a large number of BOTs registering on our sites. It became clear that the standard CAPTCHA implementation we used simply didn't provide the protection we need. We can't be sure, but it seems obvious that the simple CAPTCHA images have been broken where an automated system could read and properly responds to the CAPTCHA challenge. We have continued to enhance the CAPTCHA plugin to stay one step ahead of the BOTS and spammers.

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